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Your rental fee includes a lease purchase option.  See below for more details.

Early Bird receives the best choice of new or used.  Reserve your school band instrument today!


  New Used Maintenance Fee

Group 1
Percussion kit (bell or combo), Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, or Viola

$21 $17 + $4

Group 2
Alto Sax, Soprano Sax

 $39 $33  + $5 

Group 3
Tenor Sax, Oboe, Single or Double French Horn, Cello

 $48  $43 + $6 

Group 4
Bass Clarinet, Baritone or Euphonium, Bassoon, Upright Bass

Group 4 instruments are a 3 month minimum with credit approval.

 $57  $52 + $6

Lease Purchase Features

  • Low monthly rates: our rates are competitive. No interest or long term commitment. Auto-pay option - monthly payments automatically applied to your credit card if you choose.
  • Flexibility: allows your child to try before you buy. If your child chooses to change instruments, you can exchange without loss of your investment (we will tansfer up to 12 months of your accumulated base rent to another instrument).
  • Purchase option: your lease payments (less the maintenance fee) accumulate into an account that can be used to purchase an instrument whether it be the one leased or a more professional model of the same instrument type. Your money accumulates as long as your lease is active or until you have paid the value of the instrument.
  • Terms: No long term commitment. No interest. No limit on number of payments that apply toward purchase. Your money accumulates into a purchase option account as long as you maintain an active lease. No forced purchase date: you will never be forced to purchase the instrument.  Some stores require you to purchase the instrument after 18 months leaving you with a large bill or forcing you to lose the money you had accumulated if you are not ready to purchase.  We allow you to lease until you have accumulated the equivelant of the purchase price never forcing you to come up with a large sum of money at one time.    
  • Repair: Peace of mind that if repairs are needed, they will be taken care of by a professional repair technician at no extra cost to you. Loaner instrument available at no cost for rental customers.