Jay Weiss


Jay holds a Masters degree in Music Education. He retired as director of vocal music and drama from Northridge schools. Jay also teaches as Associate Faculty at Wright State and Sinclair College. He has directed over 50 theatre productions and was a 20 year member of “Coventry Green” choral group. His students have excelled at OMEA competitions and have been awarded prominant parts in school productions, musicals at La Comedia, Town Hall Theatre, Dayton Playhouse South and others.

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Audrey Williamson


Audrey achieved a Bachelor of Music degree at Wright State University performing with the Collegiate Chorale at the National Cathedral, Carnegie Hall, the 2012 World Choir Games, and more. She also had the opportunity to form a pop acappella group, Frequency. Singing is her passion, but she believes learning how to sing beautifully without understanding music will not promote success for students. Based on that simple truth, Audrey focuses on developing a true understanding of music and music theory early on to promote success for students. She individualizes voice and piano lessons by incorporating a variety of music and utilizing technology.

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Penny Grimes


Penny holds a Bachelor of Music degree. She has over 20 years of experience as a church pianist and as a piano and voice teacher. She has played in the pit orchestra for several musicals and has accompanied numerous performers. Penny is very familiar with a variety of styles of music so can help students find the style that suits them best. Many of her students have gone on to prestigious music colleges and have careers as musicians or teachers.

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