That Music Place has a wonderful staff of private lesson teachers who are experienced both as performers and teachers.

We offer private music lessons for individuals ages 7 to adult.

Enjoy playing to a crowd?

Our private lesson students have opportunities to perform at least 3 times a year. Enjoy performing and want to perform in public venues on a regular basis? Join one of our performance groups.

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Our Private Lesson Students enjoy a 10% discount on all purchases in our store .

Serving families in Springboro, Franklin, Carlisle, Lebanon, Waynesville, Miamisburg, Centerville, Middletown, and South Dayton areas.

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Only $100/month for a 1/2 hour lesson weekly.*

Call 937-748-3501 for a list of current openings, to register for private lessons, or to pay for lessons over the phone.

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  • Style of music or style of playing interested in learning if have a preference.
  • Such as wheelchair access, vision or hearing assistance, etc.
  • Please include any other information that would be helpful for the teacher.

* Courtesy Information and Studio Policies

Lesson Rates
Lessons are given for 30 minutes, 1 time per week at a rate of $100 per month paid by the first lesson of the month. Enrollment is a monthly commitment. No refunds or credits given if student drops out or if student cancels a lesson. Every 2 to 3 months there are 5 weeks on your lesson day. We do not charge extra for those months. If payment is not made by the second lesson of the month, we have the right to add a $8 late fee. We must be notified at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the month if discontinuing. Once invoices are posted on the first day of month, those fees are owed.
Be on Time
Be on time for your lesson. If you are late, your lesson will still end at it’s scheduled time. Parents: Be on time to pick up your child. Parents are responsible for their child’s behavior while they are waiting even if the parent is not present. Your child’s teacher may have another lesson scheduled and there is no one to supervise children. There is a waiting area on site for those who wish to wait.

Cancellations and Make-up Classes
No refunds or credits given for lessons missed by the student. The teacher is not obligated to make up lessons missed by students but are willing to work with you if a long term emergency arises causing multiple missed lessons. In the event of teacher illness or studio closings, lessons will be made up or prorated if fewer than 4 regularly scheduled lessons were offered. You will be notified personally if there is a cancellation. If special circumstances arise, discuss these with your teacher, we will try to work with you. If discontinuing lessons, we must be notified 2 weeks prior to the end of the month to avoid charges for the next month. Once invoices are posted on the first of the month, the fees are owed.

We are an independent business. We do not close just because school was cancelled. If lessons are cancelled you will be notified by the teacher or a store employee. We also post closings on our facebook page.

Learning Materials
The teacher may ask that learning materials such as music, books, or other necessary items be purchased. The purchase of these items is the responsibility of the student and family. You are not obligated to purchase items at our store but you do receive a discount as a lesson student for any purchases made here.

** Guitar students should have a tuner, and electric guitar students should bring their own cable if they plan to plug into an amp. There are amps in each lesson room for the students to use. **

Parent Participation/ Supervision
Parents are encouraged to be part of their child’s learning. Parents are welcome to sit in on their child’s lessons as long as it is not distracting the child. There is seating available in the waiting area for parents who wish to wait on site. Parents are responsible for the children’s behavior even if the parent is not present. Please do not drop off brothers, sisters, or your child’s friends to hang around without you present, we can not supervise them and you will be responsible for any damage they cause.

Recitals and Performances
Students will be given the opportunity to perform for an audience several times per year. These performances are optional but encouraged. We will do our best to try to provide performance opportunities at no cost. Some opportunities sponsored by other entities (National Music Associations, etc.) may have a small fee. These fees will be the responsibility of the student and family.

Concerns and Questions
Each teacher has a particular style of teaching and individual personality traits. Each student has his own learning style and personality traits. We realize that not all students and teachers make a good match. If the teacher has concerns, they are to be addressed to the parents. If parents have concerns, they are to be addressed to the teacher. If speaking with the teacher does not relieve your concern or you do not feel comfortable discussing your concern with the teacher, please speak to Sheila Lairson, owner. We will work together to do what is best for your child’s learning.